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An Act of Kindness - El, As In "The"

Apr. 14th, 2006

12:29 pm - An Act of Kindness

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There is one small occurrence from two years ago that, when I think of it, always restores my faith in human kindness. I know, people are dreadful. But sometimes, you need to feel like there are a few people out there with good hearts and this little event always warms me when I am having a bad day.

I have this pair of shoes that needed some extra breaking in, but I was wearing them anyway. This was when I worked in D.C. All that day I had been running errands and doing important stuff for the Congressman. I wasn't allowed one minute of down time. My shoe rubbed at my right heel so that my foot bled and left a large stain on my nylons. Nobody noticed or cared and I did not have time to clean it up so I just kept going. 5pm was nearing and I was totally worn out from having run all over the Capitol and House Office Buildings for hours. I was about to get on the elevator for the last time up to the office when I heard a voice behind me.

"Miss, wait!"

I stopped and turned around. There was a little man running toward me. He hurriedly told me that he had a bandaid and pulled one out of his pocket. "I saw your foot and it must sting so much, I can't just let you go on without something to put on it. Here." He offered me the bandaid.

My foot had stopped bleeding hours before, but I accepted the bandaid anyway, thanked the man and went on my way. When I got on the elevator I almost cried. The terrible day I had been having became obsolete because one man was willing to share a shred of kindness with me in giving me a bandaid. That is the moment that I always remember when my day seems to be crashing down around me.

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Date:April 15th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing that. It really is a breath of fresh air to sit for a moment to listen to your stories. Craig is a lucky man to be your captive audience.
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