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September 21st, 2007 - El, As In "The"

Sep. 21st, 2007

04:57 pm - Things Today Are Good

My job is going well. I'm getting just enough work, not too much. There are days when I'm tired. However, I should be getting my full Fridays off pretty soon so that will help. My boss is great. The people I support are interesting and fun to work with. It's a very rewarding job. In fact, it is far more rewarding than I expected it to be. It makes me not want to go to school ever again. Instead, I can just help people and feel happy. I hate classrooms and being told what to learn. So, maybe I will go back to school for psychology when I am 40 or so. I'm not ready to tell people what I think of their lives anyway. I'm more the supportive, listening type. I'm no Dr. Phil despite the fact that I respect what he does. I just don't have to guts or the backbone for that.

My writing is coming along. I am still sitting in shock because I finished a book. Perhaps I should talk about what it's about. I wrote a blurb for my blogger blog, but I'm going to be much more informal here.

I got tired of all those fantasy cliches where the main character is automatically the Chosen One and he always angsts over this fact for the entirety of the story. So I had an idea, why not make the main character a completely random person with no weird, unknown abilities whatsoever? Then I had a better idea, why not make the main character a completely ordinary guy with no weird, unknown abilities whatsoever, no reason to be involved and one small problem? He's actually predisposed (life situation and family) to be the bad guy and the Chosen One who was destined to be the good guy is the bad guy. Hah! So then I wrote my book. My main character has to work to get anywhere in life and he's not really sure why he's mixed up with the good guys. He's not a total antihero. He has some good qualities, but he's kind of mixed up inside, he's learning. He doesn't always do the right thing, but he does not do horribly wrong things either. Anyway, add to that a whole cast of oddball characters -- including one who is essentially me -- and some magical, fantastical beings. Throw in a dethroned emperor who's pretty ticked off about his dethronedness, an army of giant guinea pigs (yes Joe, I keep my promises) and a god of the fantasy universe who isn't exactly nice and you have my story. It has lots of action. And it kind of reminds me of Robinson Crusoe because events just keep happening that add to and change other events, but don't seem totally related. It's how I write. I was brought up reading fairy tales and such where things just seem to keep happening and you'll figure out why eventually. It might not be any good. But I'm still in shock because I finished it.

I've been writing this post since last night. Time to go work out.

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